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AppBarUtils provides out-of-box app bar behaviors/triggers/actions for Windows Phone SDK 7.1/8.0. They enable you to do command binding (also binding for other properties) for app bar buttons/menu items, make use of the built-in Blend SDK and 3rd party behaviors, and dynamically show different app bars for different pano/pivot items or based on different page states.

To install AppBarUtils, run the following command in the Package Manager Console

PM> Install-Package AppBarUtils

Release Notes

Previously buttons and menu items in dynamic app bar can only execute code via command binding. It's a pity not to take advantage of existing well tested actions from Blend SDK, which is what this release tries to address.

See the demo code from CodePlex for how to use this new feature.



Allen Lee


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Version Downloads Last updated
AppBarUtils 2.3.0 366 Sunday, May 26 2013
AppBarUtils 2.2.0 1188 Friday, November 16 2012
AppBarUtils 2.1.0 247 Tuesday, September 25 2012
AppBarUtils 2.0.1 101 Sunday, September 16 2012
AppBarUtils 2.0 Beta 2.0.0 81 Saturday, September 15 2012
AppBarUtils for Windows Phone SDK 7.1 1.4.0 473 Sunday, May 06 2012
AppBarUtils for Windows Phone SDK 7.1 1.3.0 130 Saturday, April 21 2012
AppBarUtils for Windows Phone SDK 7.1 1.2.0 157 Sunday, March 18 2012
AppBarUtils for Windows Phone SDK 7.1 1.1.0 250 Thursday, December 22 2011