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ChildProcesses is a child process management library for the .NET Framework.

It allows to create child processes, and provides bidirectional extendable interprocess communication based on WCF and NamedPipes out of the box.

Child and parent processes monitor each other and notify about termination or other events.

Child processes are an alternative to AppDomains when parent must continue if the child crashes.

It is also possible to mix 32Bit and 64 Bit processes.

To install ChildProcesses - Child Process Management for .NET, run the following command in the Package Manager Console

PM> Install-Package ChildProcesses

Release Notes

* Change watchdog thread to background thread
      * Start and shutdown watchdog thread in ChildProcessManager when child processes start / stop
      Release 1.0.4 breaking changes:

      - ProcessWatchdog() is removed, the ProcessInstance class (ChildProcessManager, ChildProcessInstance) introduces an internal watchdog thread.

      - The ProcessInstance class (ChildProcessManager, ChildProcessInstance) implements the IDisposable interface to shut the instance down
      - ProcessStateChangedAction is renamed in ProcessStateChangedEnum



Thomas Maierhofer


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