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Dynamic Particle System Framework for XNA.

Supports Windows, Xbox 360, Windows Phone, and MonoGame (Windows RT and Mono For Android).

NuGet does not always install the proper DLL reference for each project type, so you may need to remove the reference it adds and manually add the correct one.

To install DPSF, run the following command in the Package Manager Console

Install-Package DPSF

Release Notes

- Fixed Android bug where IndexOutOfRangeException would be thrown on some Android devices, depending on their hardware capabilities.
- Added SetEnabledStateForAllParticleSystems(), SetVisibleStateForAllParticleSystems(), and SetEnabledAndVisibleStatesForAllParticleSystems() functions to the ParticleSystemManager class.
- Added 2 more helper functions for updating particle transparency, UpdateParticleTransparencyWithQuickFadeIn and UpdateParticleTransparencyWithQuickFadeOut.
- Added new DisabledWithEarlyRecycling memory management mode to allow recycling the oldest active particle when we want to add a new particle, but have no more memory available for it.
- Added new DPSFDebugWarningExceptions that are only thrown when debugging and are meant to help users catch when they do not have DPSF setup ideally.
- Changed the provided Default Particle System classes to be 'abstract', as they are meant to be inherited and not instanced directly.
- Added more functionality to the MouseManager to easily detect when a mouse button is or was just pressed/released.
- Created iOS friendly DPSF assemblies, but still not fully tested due to lack of Mac hardware required for testing.
- Fixed performance bug in ParticleEmitterCollection, as it was generating garbage for the Garbage Collector every time the Emitters and IDs properties were accessed.



Daniel Schroeder


Copyright © Daniel Schroeder 2008



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