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FluentMigrator is a database migration framework for .NET written in C#. The basic idea is that you can create migrations which are simply classes that derive from the Migration base class and have a Migration attribute with a unique version number attached to them. Upon executing FluentMigrator, you tell it which version to migrate to and it will run all necessary migrations in order to bring your database up to that version.

In addition to forward migration support, FluentMigrator also supports different ways to execute the migrations along with selective migrations called profiles and executing arbitrary SQL.

To install Fluent Migrator, run the following command in the Package Manager Console

PM> Install-Package FluentMigrator

Release Notes

Pleased to announce that FluentMigrator.Runner package is now made available by core team, thanks to package owners to add us as owner ! This should greatly improve discoverability of Sql server specific extensions.

Improvements & Features:

    Split Fluentmigrator runner assembly into a new FluentMigrator.Runner package @jrolstad
    Added 'GO' statements to file output when targeting Ms SQL Server @cliechty
    SQLite namespace mismatch @tommarien
    Support multi-statement scripts in Oracle Db @AndreyUtka
    Profiles are now found in alphabetical order, allows arbitrary ordering @jochenvangasse

Bug fixes:

    Profile does not get executed when a non-zero version parameter is specified @rogersillito



Josh Coffman


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Version History

Version Downloads Last updated
Fluent Migrator 1.2.0 1000 Wednesday, June 18 2014
Fluent Migrator 15590 Wednesday, January 01 2014
Fluent Migrator 1.1.2 157 Sunday, December 29 2013
Fluent Migrator 1.1.1 11501 Wednesday, June 26 2013
Fluent Migrator 1.1.0 4075 Sunday, May 05 2013
Fluent Migrator 1.0.6 20130 Monday, December 31 2012
Fluent Migrator 1.0.5 4834 Thursday, November 15 2012
Fluent Migrator 1.0.4 1741 Saturday, October 27 2012
Fluent Migrator 1.0.3 5995 Thursday, July 19 2012
Fluent Migrator 1.0.2 2774 Wednesday, April 25 2012
Fluent Migrator 1.0.1 5997 Monday, September 05 2011
FluentMigrator 0.9.2 974 Sunday, July 24 2011
Fluent Migrator 0.9.1 272 Sunday, July 24 2011
FluentMigrator 0.9.0 699 Friday, January 07 2011