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HTML Agility Pack

This is an agile HTML parser that builds a read/write DOM and supports plain XPATH or XSLT (you actually don't HAVE to understand XPATH nor XSLT to use it, don't worry...). It is a .NET code library that allows you to parse "out of the web" HTML files. The parser is very tolerant with "real world" malformed HTML. The object model is very similar to what proposes System.Xml, but for HTML documents (or streams).

To install HTML Agility Pack, run the following command in the Package Manager Console

Install-Package HtmlAgilityPack -Version

Release Notes

Added a tree parse limit to ensure that complex documents fail with an exception instead of a stack overflow. The depth parameter is controlled via: HtmlNode.MaxDepthLevel. Per default the parameter is set to int.MaxValue, so that it will not impact existing code.
Dropped support for SilverLight 4.0.



Simon Mourrier, Jeff Klawiter, Stephan Grell



This package has no dependencies.

Version History

Version Downloads Last updated
HtmlAgilityPack 76,696 Wednesday, June 29, 2016
HtmlAgilityPack 34,026 Tuesday, June 28, 2016
HtmlAgilityPack 33,102 Tuesday, June 28, 2016
HTML Agility Pack (this version) 32,193 Tuesday, June 28, 2016
HtmlAgilityPack 1.4.9 1,541,874 Tuesday, September 16, 2014
HtmlAgilityPack 1.4.8 21,254 Friday, September 5, 2014
HtmlAgilityPack 1.4.6 1,104,858 Tuesday, August 7, 2012
HtmlAgilityPack 1.4.5 13,109 Wednesday, July 11, 2012
HtmlAgilityPack 1.4.4 7,952 Saturday, June 9, 2012
HtmlAgilityPack 1.4.3 292,990 Saturday, November 5, 2011
HtmlAgilityPack 1.4.2 7,962 Wednesday, July 20, 2011
HtmlAgilityPack 1.4.1 795 Tuesday, July 12, 2011
Html Agility Pack 1.4.0 39,092 Sunday, January 16, 2011
HtmlAgilityPack 1.3.0 5,799 Thursday, May 5, 2011