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Classes to serialize, deserialize and validate OData payloads. Enables construction of OData producers and consumers.

Targets .NET 4.0 or Silverlight 4.0.

Localized for CHS, CHT, DEU, ESN, FRA, ITA, JPN, KOR and RUS.

To install ODataLib, run the following command in the Package Manager Console

PM> Install-Package Microsoft.Data.OData -Version 5.5.0

Release Notes

------------------------------New Features------------------------------

URI Parser

With this release, the URI Parser in ODataLib is nearly complete. The URI Parser is now capable of parsing nearly every URI supported by the current OData stacks at Microsoft (Web API and WCF Data Services).

Public Data Source Providers

We frequently get requests to make the data source providers in WCF Data Services public. Making these providers public enables a number of profoundly interesting scenarios ranging from changing the behavior of an existing provider to adding support for features we don't currently support. The work completed in this release will allow limited modifications of the existing providers. We plan to enable more scenarios here in the future.

Performance Improvements

We constantly strive to improve performance and reliability with every release. In this release, we have increased performance by double digit percentages for service authors that want to respond with JSON but are not able to (or don't want to) provide a data model to ODataLib.

Improved Developer Experience

In this release we have caught up with some missing IntelliSense guidance and we are uploading symbols and source to SymbolSource.org. We will upload symbols for many of our past releases as well.

------------------------------Bug fixes------------------------------

In addition to the features above, we have included fixes for the following notable bugs:
- Fixes an issue where the reflection provider would not work properly if the generic parameter provided to DataService<T> was an interface
- Fixes an issue where some system headers were not being set when a client called BuildingRequest
- Fixes an issue where setting InstanceContextMode to Single on DataService would result in cache result being returned for subsequent requests
- Fixes an issue where ODataLib would sometimes allow null to be written whether or not the expected type was nullable
- Fixes a regression in 5.4 where ODataLib started writing unnecessary type information in certain instances
- Fixes an issue where the WCF DS client would sometimes not dispose the response if the response had no content
- Improves a number of errors and error messages



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Version History

Version Downloads Last updated
ODataLib for OData v1-3 5.6.2 98730 Friday, August 01 2014
ODataLib for OData v1-3 5.6.1 235536 Tuesday, February 25 2014
ODataLib for OData v1-3 5.6.0 636510 Friday, August 16 2013
ODataLib 5.6.0-rc1 6201 Tuesday, July 30 2013
ODataLib 5.6.0-alpha1 5905 Friday, June 28 2013
ODataLib 5.5.0 (this version) 142123 Thursday, May 30 2013
ODataLib 5.5.0-rc1 5278 Tuesday, May 14 2013
ODataLib 5.5.0-alpha2 7527 Friday, April 26 2013
ODataLib 5.5.0-alpha1 4618 Tuesday, April 09 2013
ODataLib 5.4.0 83349 Tuesday, April 02 2013
ODataLib 5.4.0-rc1 4705 Tuesday, March 19 2013
ODataLib 5.3.0 74959 Monday, February 18 2013
ODataLib 5.3.0-rc1 5522 Thursday, January 31 2013
ODataLib 5.2.0 648602 Monday, December 17 2012
ODataLib 5.2.0-rc1 15873 Monday, December 03 2012
ODataLib 5.1.0 20420 Wednesday, November 07 2012
ODataLib 5.1.0-rc2 12354 Friday, September 21 2012
ODataLib 5.1.0-rc1 1457 Wednesday, July 11 2012
ODataLib 5.0.2 72624 Wednesday, August 29 2012
ODataLib 5.0.2-rc 263 Wednesday, August 15 2012
ODataLib 5.0.1 24250 Friday, May 18 2012
ODataLib 5.0.1-rc 337 Tuesday, May 08 2012
ODataLib 1766 Wednesday, April 11 2012