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OData Client for .NET


LINQ-enabled client API for issuing OData queries and consuming OData JSON payloads. Supports OData v4 only. Targets .NET 4.0, and .NET Portable Lib with support for .NET 4.5, Win Phone 8, Win Phone 8.1, and Win 8. Localized for CHS, CHT, DEU, ESN, FRA, ITA, JPN, KOR and RUS.

OData .NET library is open source at http://odata.codeplex.com

To install OData Client for .NET, run the following command in the Package Manager Console

PM> Install-Package Microsoft.OData.Client

Release Notes

    [GitHub issue #23] ODataLib now supports parsing URI path template.
    [GitHub issue #71] EdmLib now supports adding vocabulary annotations to EdmEnumMember.
    [GitHub issue #80] OData client for .NET now supports abstract entity type without key.
    [GitHub issue #85] ODataLib now supports additional preference headers: odata.track-changes, odata.maxpagesize and odata.continue-on-error.
    [GitHub issue #87] ODataLib now supports setting filter query option in ExpandedNavigationSelectItem.
    [GitHub issue #94] ODataLib now supports $levels in ODataUriBuilder.
    [Github issue #144] ODataLib now suppresses the errors in reading open entity‚Äôs undeclared primitive, collection and complex property value.

Bugs fixes:
    [GitHub issue #93] Fix a bug that DataServiceContext.CreateFunctionQuery should set isComposable property of DataServiceOrderedQuery.
    [GitHub issue #95] Fix a bug that OData client for .NET does not support composing a query operation onto a composable function.

    [GitHub issue #101] Improve the performance of DataServiceContext.SaveChanges when the entities are tracked by a DataServiceCollection.



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Version History

Version Downloads Last updated
OData Client for .NET 6.10.0 2740 Friday, February 06 2015
OData Client for .NET 6.9.0 2308 Wednesday, December 10 2014
OData Client for .NET 6.8.1 6615 Monday, October 20 2014
OData Client for .NET 6.8.0 953 Tuesday, September 23 2014
OData Client for .NET 6.7.0 1197 Friday, August 29 2014
OData Client for .NET 6.6.0 2545 Thursday, July 31 2014
OData Client for .NET 6.5.0 2186 Monday, June 30 2014
OData Client for .NET 6.4.0 914 Friday, May 30 2014
OData Client for .NET 6.3.0 1424 Monday, April 28 2014
OData Client for .NET 6.2.0 761 Tuesday, April 01 2014
OData Client for .NET 6.1.0 272 Tuesday, March 04 2014
OData Client for .NET 6.0.0 416 Monday, January 27 2014
OData Client for .NET 6.0.0-beta1 170 Monday, December 09 2013
WCF Data Services Client 6.0.0-alpha2 65 Thursday, November 07 2013
WCF Data Services Client 6.0.0-alpha1 50 Friday, October 04 2013