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MVVM Light


The MVVM Light Toolkit is a set of components helping people to get started in the Model-View-ViewModel pattern in Silverlight, WPF, Windows Phone, Windows 8 and Xamarin Android. It is a light and pragmatic framework that contains only the essential components needed.

To install MVVM Light, run the following command in the Package Manager Console

PM> Install-Package MvvmLight

Release Notes

- Updated IDialogService to return Task<bool> if the message has user feedback.
- DialogService implementations now can be awaited properly even on frameworks where showing a dialog is not asynchronous.
- Fix for issue 7589: RelayCommandGeneric.cs CanExecute raises InvalidCastException
- Nuget: Issue with WPA81 fixed.
- Nuget: Issue with Portable Class Libraries fixed.
- Nuget: Updated warning message when installing full MVVM Light nuget package in a libs only project.

This version includes a Powershell script that runs after the package is installed. It edits the App.xaml file to include the ViewModelLocator in the App's resources. This replaces the previous transformation files, which were too unreliable.



Laurent Bugnion (GalaSoft)


Copyright 2009-2014 Laurent Bugnion (GalaSoft)



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MVVM Light 727 Saturday, October 11 2014
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