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Service Bus Durable Task Framework

This package works with Windows Azure Service Bus and provides a C# based durable Task framework for writing long running applications. It adds Microsoft.ServiceBus.DurableTask.dll along with related libraries to your project. Additional info for Durable Tasks is at http://aka.ms/l7283l,

Please note that this package requires .Net Framework 4.5.

To install Service Bus Durable Task Framework, run the following command in the Package Manager Console

PM> Install-Package ServiceBus.DurableTask

Release Notes

- Added OrchestrationStateQuery user model with in-memory implementation
      - Sorted results returned by TaskHubClient.GetOrchestrationHistory() by event timestamps
      - Added pagination for OrchestrationStateQuery results
      - Added async methods to TaskHubClient
      - OrchestrationContext.ContinueAsNew now has an overload that takes the desired version of the new generation
      - OrchestrationContext.CreateSuborchestrationXXX methods have overloads that take an explicit Instance Id to use as the instance id for the suborchestration
      - Fixed null ref in tracing when terminating an orchestration
      - Added more resilience against Service Bus clock skew
      - Fail the orchestation on detection of non-deterministic workflow
      - Remove explicit retries for service bus operations (sb client does that)
      - Log critical error if delivery count if it gets near the maxdeliverycount
      - Terminate orchestration with appropriate message if session size grows above 230k.
      - Added backoff on messagingexceptions even while processing work items
      - Increase Max delivery count on taskhub queues, make it configurable.
      - Log message stats if tracking dispatcher write fails
      - Abandon messages properly in the tracking dispatcher (similar to what we do in the orchestration dispatcher)
      - Added TaskHubWokerSettings option that gives users access to concurrency of TaskOrchestration, TaskActivity and Tracking dispatchers
      (concurrent items + backoff etc)
      - Orchestration state compression can be specified via the TaskHubWorkerSettings object. Turned off by default. This helps write more complex orchestrations
      without running into the session state size limit.
      - Fixed bug in Tracking dispatcher which causes failure when dumping a history event larger than 32K to a column in the Azure table store.
      - Fixes a critical regression in that caused sessions in service bus to never get deleted even when orchestrations were terminated. Also added
      tests to catch this regression in the future.
      - Added TaskHubWorker.CreateHub(bool createInstanceStore) overload that would let users control whether they want to drop and recreate the instance store
      along with the task hub queues.
      - Adds message level compression and associated options to control compression and threshold in TaskHubWorkerSettings and TaskHubClientSettings.
      - Removes batching for Send operations within the TaskOrchestrationDispatcher's transaction block. Reason was that message batches are bundled up into a single
      batch message which has to follow the 256KB message size limit thus limiting the response size for task activities or the complexity of the orchestrations.
      - Fix bug with RetryOptions when TimeSpan.Zero is passed in as firstRetryInterval
      - Fix bug with tracking dispatcher failing to truncate larger history entities when writing to the Azure table based instance store
      - Added a PurgeOrchestrationInstanceHistoryAsync method on TaskHubClient which enables users to purge older orchestration instance histories from the instance
      store. This relieves pressure on instance queries.





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