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Task Parallel Library for Silverlight...


**NOTE: This package has moved to System.Threading.Tasks.Unofficial**

This package is a port of the Mono version of the *complete* Task Parallel Library (not a subset) to .NET 3.5, as well as all Silverlight platforms, including Windows Phone 7.x. This version contains more classes (and is namespace compatible with the BCL) compared to the PortableTPL project. This project supercedes the TaskParallelLibrary.WP7 package, and is licensed under the same licenses as the rest of the Mono framework.

To install Task Parallel Library for Silverlight, Windows Phone, and .NET 3.5, run the following command in the Package Manager Console

PM> Install-Package System.Threading.Tasks -Version 3.1.1

Release Notes

Version 3.1 - Make this package dependent on the new home for this library, so that Microsoft can take over future versions of this package for the official .NET Framework bits.

Version 3.0.2 - Adds the [SecurityCritical] attribute where necessary to enable MEF support. - Removes System.Threading.Timer and TimerCallback from SL4, as they are already in the BCL. - Adds PDB files to aid in debugging issues.

Version 3.0.1 - Removes the Func<> definitions from SL5, as they are already in the core runtime.

Version 3.0 - Updates the package to Mono 2.12. Excludes the Task.Unwrap() function from SL5. Adds support for .NET 3.5. See Project Site for more details.

Version 2.1.2 - Fixes a bug in Task.FromAsync() that does not return the TaskState in certain situations.

Version 2.1 - This version adds support for Silverlight 5, removing the classes (Primarily in System.Threading.Tasks) now included in the core runtime.



Robert McLaws, Jrmie "Garuma" Laval



Version History

Version Downloads Last updated
System.Threading... 4.0.10-beta-23109 908 Monday, July 27 2015
System.Threading... 4.0.10-beta-23019 8465 Tuesday, June 30 2015
System.Threading... 4.0.10-beta-22816 39167 Friday, April 24 2015
System.Threading... 4.0.10-beta-22605 14847 Friday, February 13 2015
System.Threading... 4.0.10-beta-22416 7315 Friday, January 16 2015
System.Threading... 4.0.10-beta-22231 74600 Tuesday, November 11 2014
System.Threading... 4.0.0-beta-23109 772 Monday, July 27 2015
System.Threading... 4.0.0-beta-23019 12544 Tuesday, June 30 2015
Task Parallel... 3.0.2-beta2 1680 Tuesday, May 15 2012
Task Parallel... 3.0.2-beta1 103 Monday, May 14 2012
Task Parallel... 3.0.1 8016 Wednesday, April 11 2012
Task Parallel... 3.0.0 368 Saturday, March 24 2012
Task Parallel... 2.1.2 3513 Saturday, September 03 2011
Task Parallel... 2.1.1 116 Friday, September 02 2011
Task Parallel... 2.1.0 111 Friday, September 02 2011
Task Parallel... 2.0.1 120 Thursday, August 25 2011
Task Parallel... 2.0.0 129 Monday, August 22 2011