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Scryber PDF Generator

Scryber is an advanced PDF generation tool that allows complete definition of a dynamic PDF document based on XML (and code)

including cascading styles, databinding and component separation in referenced files.

This framework is built entirely in .NET and is released under the LGPL licence so you can link to it in commercial applications.

More information can be found at http://www.scryber.co.uk

To install Scryber PDF Generator, run the following command in the Package Manager Console

PM> Install-Package scryber

Release Notes

The release is stable but beta.
      Updates include...

      Includes a fix for row headings that are not in full-width tables.
      Text Decoration
      Adds support for Underline, Overline, StrikeThrough in text-decoration.
      Adds a new pdf:U component for underlining content
      File Format
      No longer keeps requesting to save the file after opening.
      Includes a fix for the Link type that will auto-resolve the action based on file and destination.
      Fixed a defect in the Link to navigate to the bounding box of an item.
      Fixed a defect in the Link schema for remote destinations - ExternalDestination
      Text and Fonts
      Added the whitespace-significant to the text style schema
      Updated the base layout engine to resolve a number of issues with overflowing content
      Fixed a defect in the ANSII fonts that rendered empty widths section.
      Fixed an issue with Standard fonts and the variant styles
      Added the pooled stream writer to reduce memory requirements
      Added the data:style-identifier so unique styles are not required to be built for each component when binding large data sets.

      More information can be found at http://www.scryber.co.uk/HowTo/tabid/133/Default.aspx?topic=Release+Change+Notes



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Scryber PDF Generator 0.8.8 59 Tuesday, July 01 2014
Scryber PDF Generator 25 Tuesday, July 01 2014
Scryber PDF Generator 0.8.7 70 Friday, May 09 2014
Scryber PDF Generator 75 Thursday, March 27 2014