• West Wind Globalization Database ResourceManager


    Last Published: | Latest Version: 2.12.0

    West Wind Globalization provides custom data driven .NET ResourceManagers and ResourceProviders for both plain .NET and ASP.NET applications as well as serving JavaScript resources from .NET resources. There's also a a rich real time Web Resource editor that can update resources live but you'll need the Web NuGet package for that feature to light... <a href="/packages/Westwind.Globalization/2.12.0">More information</a>

  • West Wind Globalization Web for ASP.NET


    Last Published: | Latest Version: 2.12.1

    This library provides the ASP.NET specific components to the Westwind.Globalization library. It contains the ASP.NET Resource Providers (DbResourceSimpleProvider, DbResourceProvider), the JavaScript Resource Handler to serve ASP.NET resources to JavaScript client, the on-line Resource editor to allow editing of data resources in real time. This... <a href="/packages/Westwind.Globalization.Web/2.12.1">More information</a>

  • West Wind Globalization Web for ASP.NET - Starter Package


    Last Published: | Latest Version: 2.12.2

    This project is the Web Starter project for Westwind.Globalization.Web. It includes a few sample resources you can use to verify that the dbResource provider is working and allows you to play with a sample page. It's recommended you start with this .Starter NuGet package - you can remove it after you are up and running. This library provides the... <a href="/packages/Westwind.Globalization.Web.Starter/2.12.2">More information</a>