ARDC.Commons.Templates 0.2.1

dotnet new install ARDC.Commons.Templates::0.2.1
This package contains a .NET Template Package you can call from the shell/command line.

🆕 ARDC Templates

❓ What is ARDC Templates?

ARDC.Commons.Templates is a collection for common files for a coding project.

Currently the following templates are available:

  1. (A simple readme written in Markdown)
  2. MIT License (A LICENSE file containing the MIT License)
  3. GNU GPL v3 License (A LICENSE file containing the GNU GPL v3 License)
  4. CHANGELOG (a simple changelog written in Markdown)

You can find more about each version of this project on the CHANGELOG file or by checking out the Releases on GitHub.

⚡ Getting Started

In order to install run the following command on your shell to download the NuGet package for ARDC.Commons.Templates:

dotnet new --install ARDC.Commons.Templates

This command will download and install the templates contained in this repository.

Finally, to scaffold a file based on one of those templates, run dotnet new TEMPLATE-NAME.

❌ Uninstalling

In case you wish to uninstall these templates run the following command on your shell:

dotnet new --uninstall ARDC.Commons.Templates

🔧 Building and Running

🔨 Build the Project

Since this is a template project all you need to do is run dotnet new -i .\src\ on the root of this project and all the templates will be installed locally for you to use and test.

When you're done you can run dotnet new --debug:reinit to remove those packages from the templates you've installed for dotnet new.

📦 Publishing to NuGet

Simply run dotnet pack --configuration Release -o ./pkgs/ to create a NuGet package (.nupkg file) in the ./pkgs/ directory.

Then run dotnet nuget push "**/*.nupkg" --api-key yourApiKey --source to push the packages into

🙏 Thanks

Choose a License

License files are based on the great work done by Choose a License.

Keep a Changelog

The Changelog template contained here is based on keep a changelog and follows their suggestions almost by the letter.

🤝 Collaborate with ARDC Templates

Read-up on Microsoft's docs for creating templates for dotnet new, available here.

Then all you need to do is fork this repository, create your template and submit a pull request 🙂.

  • .NETStandard 2.0

    • No dependencies.

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