Cake.Tool 0.33.0

Package Description

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dotnet tool install --global Cake.Tool --version 0.33.0
This package contains a .NET Core Global Tool you can call from the shell/command line.

Release Notes

2514 Add additional report types for ReportGenerator
2130 Add exceptions thrown to TaskTeardownContext
2456 Add logging aliases to override the log verbosity
2453 Unify pull request status across providers
2440 Add EnvironmentVariable alias
2400 Add globber pattern support to the #load directive
2504 Update .NET Core SDK 2.1.505
2487 Warn and skip code gen for duplicate aliases
2481 FilePath and DirectoryPath implicit conversions should return null when passed null
2473 ParseAssemblyInfo does not support .NET Core generated assembly info
2468 DotNet commands do not respect the verbosity
2439 HtmlInline_AzurePipelines and MHtml shares the same numeric value
2432 Azure Pipelines build system not recognized with non-Windows jobs
2088 VSWhere -requires and -products argument values are quoted but VSWhere doesn't support multiple values in quotes
2507 Cake.CoreCLR can't handle whitespace in path
2491 Add additional Azure DevOps (TFBuild) properties
2484 Octopus Deploy 2019.1 and Spaces feature
2478 Lock file arguments for NuGet and dotnet restore
2474 TeamCityProvider.BuildProblem method should conform to TeamCity API
2472 Expose ICakeConfiguration (or specific values like tools path) on context
2465 Roundhouse dotnet tool does not run
2463 DoesForEach don't support data context for items functions
2462 Added unit tests for Cake.Core
2459 Add MSBuildPath to NuGetRestoreSettings
2449 ARM64 missing from MSBuild target platform
2445 Add OnError
2433 NugetRestore still using msbuild 15
2429 Add provider name to BuildSystem
2415 Add support for MSBuild options to enable RestoreLockedMode
2393 MethodAliasGenerator doesn't generate parameter attributes
2345 Allow NuGetRestoreSettings to opt out of setting -NonInteractive
2270 Allow to listen and modify redirected standard output of a process
2141 Add Verbosity property to GitVersionSettings
2124 Add Support for IEnumerable tokens on TextTransformationExtensions
2087 Include more detailed exception information when Exception is AggregateException
2026 Support for additional SignTool flags
2019 Clean up some parser tests
1384 Enhancement: Add support for filtering files in Globbing alias
820 Log tools command-line at higher log level (preferably default)
2512 TFBuildPublishCodeCoverageData xml comments minor typo
2025 The tool path for MSpec needs to be changed in the documentation


This package has no dependencies.

Version History

Version Downloads Last updated
0.37.0 82,237 2/1/2020
0.36.0 160,821 1/11/2020
0.35.0 283,825 9/28/2019
0.34.1 214,625 7/17/2019
0.34.0 4,787 7/16/2019
0.33.0 97,594 4/1/2019
0.32.1 121,938 1/4/2019
0.32.0 3,032 1/4/2019
0.31.0 43,057 12/13/2018
0.30.0 117,875 8/22/2018
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