CallMeMaybe 0.6.8

Call Me Maybe

Provides a class and a few extension methods to facilitate common operations with values that may or may not exist.

Traditionally, programmers often use `null` references to represent values that "aren't there", but the problem is that this was never their intended purpose.

- Languages like C# don't provide a way to differentiate between reference variables that can be null and those that are guaranteed not to be.
- The inventor of null references has [apologized]( for creating them in the first place, calling them his "billion-dollar mistake."
- This misuse of null references has spread far and wide, leading to the unfortunately-named `Nullable<>` type (which, being a value type, is never actually null), and attributes like `[CanBeNull]` and `[NotNull]` to help programmers know when they can expect a method to treat a null value as legitimate input.

All this leaves us in a position where our best hope of avoiding `NullReferenceException`s lies in trying to make sure that our reference variables are *never* null. But in that case, how do we indicate when a value is *optional*?

Well, that's where `Maybe<>` comes in.

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Install-Package CallMeMaybe -Version 0.6.8
dotnet add package CallMeMaybe --version 0.6.8
paket add CallMeMaybe --version 0.6.8
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Release Notes

v0.6.8 - Bug fixes
v0.6.7 - CallMeMaybe is ClsCompliant again.
v0.6.6 - Added `SelectMany` overload.
v0.6.2 - CallMeMaybe is now ClsCompliant
v0.6.1 - Included XML documentation
v0.6 Beta.
- Added parsers, with a couple of basic parsing extension methods.
- Added OfType<>().
- Added FirstMaybe() and SingleMaybe() extension methods.
- Added a lot of XML documentation comments.
v 0.5 Alpha. **Breaking Change**: object.Equals() override behaves differently now. Prefer `==` or `Is()` instead.
v 0.4 Alpha. Added "Is()" method, and "Values()" extension method, plus lots of comments.
v 0.3.5318 Alpha. Added better conversion to/from Nullables. Maybe IMaybe interface public. Added LINQPad sample.
v 0.3 Alpha release. Added Do() methods and an Else() overload that takes a function parameter. More correct handling of null arguments. And documentation on most of the types and methods!
v 0.2 Alpha release. API subject to change (but probably not as much as it did last time).
v 0.1 Alpha release. API subject to change.


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Version History

Version Downloads Last updated
0.7.0 1,529 5/14/2018
0.6.8 1,309 10/11/2017
0.6.7 84 10/10/2017
0.6.6 182 8/31/2017
0.6.2 1,254 5/11/2016
0.6.1 667 5/3/2015
0.6.0 239 5/2/2015
0.5.0 781 2/7/2015
0.4.0 376 12/29/2014
0.3.5318 365 7/25/2014
0.3.5303 240 7/9/2014
0.3.5252 365 5/20/2014
0.2.5199 369 3/28/2014
0.1.5178 261 3/7/2014