Femah.Core 0.1.70-beta

Femah is a feature switching/toggling library, requiring minimal configuration.  Designed from day 1 to be enterprise scalable, our intention is to provide a robust and extensible framework to enable the .NET community to embrace the stable mainline (trunk) method of development and realise Continuous Delivery.

This is a prerelease version of Femah.Core.
Install-Package Femah.Core -Version 0.1.70-beta
dotnet add package Femah.Core --version 0.1.70-beta

Release Notes

We are building up to the first release of Femah, this is still beta but approaching our MVP (Minimum Viable Product), with this release we get so far.

* The Femah.Core engine as a NuGet package, compiled to .NET 3.5.
* Three built in feature switches Percentage, RoleBased and Simple.
* An in memory provider for persisting feature switch states.
* A SQL Server provider for persisting feature switch states.
* A management UI, accessible via /femah.axd/
* A <a href="http://lloydstone.github.io/femah/api.html">RESTful API</a>, accessible via <a href="http://femah-additionator.azurewebsites.net/femah.axd/api/">/femah.axd/api</a>
* A hosted test site to see how Femah works

Version History

Version Downloads Last updated
0.1.70-beta (current version) 146 4/17/2014
0.1.68-beta 113 4/17/2014
0.1.66-beta 110 4/16/2014
0.1.51-beta 114 4/11/2014
0.1.47-beta 117 4/7/2014
0.1.44-beta 115 4/4/2014
0.1.43-beta 117 4/3/2014
0.1.31-beta 113 3/19/2014
0.1.29-beta 117 3/18/2014
0.1.22-beta 115 2/17/2014
0.1.21-beta 115 2/12/2014
0.1.17-beta 125 2/5/2014