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ImageUltimate: ASP.NET Image Resizer


ImageUltimate is the fastest and easiest ASP.NET image resizer which supports both ASP.NET MVC and ASP.NET WebForms web applications/web sites. ImageUltimate can also be used with .NET desktop applications as web specific features are separated into Web sub-namespace.


- Provides a fluent interface for easily chaining image manipulation commands.

- Processes images stripe by stripe so avoids keeping a full sized bitmap in RAM. This means minimal memory usage and the ability to process very large images in a fast manner.

- Vastly faster (10x) than System.Drawing namespace and optimized specifically for web use.

- Can load these image file formats:

- Jpeg (Joint Photographic Experts Group)

- Png (Portable Network Graphics)

- Gif (Graphics Interchange Format)

- WebP (Google's Image Format)

- Bmp (Bitmap Picture)

- Tiff (Tagged Image File Format)

- Tga (Truevision Graphics Adapter)

- Eps (Encapsulated PostScript) - TIFF Preview only

- Psd (Photoshop Document) and Psb (Photoshop Large Document Format)

Raw (Digital Camera Image Formats):

- dng (Adobe)

- arw, srf, sr2 (Sony)

- cr2 (Canon)

- nef, nrw (Nikon)

- raf (Fuji)

- orf (Olympus)

- pef (Pentax)

- kdc, dcr (Kodak)

- mrw (Minolta)

- erf (Epson)

- rw2 (Panasonic)

- dng (Leica)

- srw (Samsung)

- x3f (Sigma)

- Can save these image file formats:

- Jpeg (Joint Photographic Experts Group)

- Png (Portable Network Graphics)

- Gif (Graphics Interchange Format)

- WebP (Google's Image Format)

- Bmp (Bitmap Picture)

- Tiff (Tagged Image File Format)

- Tga (Truevision Graphics Adapter)

- Eps (Encapsulated PostScript)

- Pdf (Portable Document Format)

- Provides detailed information about an image file like format, size, DPI, pixel format and metadata like EXIF and IPTC.

- Fast thumbnail generation, smartly looks for a EXIF thumbnail, removes black stripes above and below it and

resizes it down further if needed.

- Provides these image transforms: Resize, ResizeWidth, ResizeHeight, Crop, CropBorders, Rotate, Flip

- Provides these image color and tone corrections: Brightness, BrightnessAuto, Contrast, ContrastAuto, BrightnessContrast

- Caches generated images both on server and browser with a smart versioning algorithm. A unique and browser-cacheable url is generated according to the chained commands and whenever you change these commands (or modify the source image externally), the url will vary and this will cause browser to automatically detect changes (no need to press F5).

- Generates SEO friendly urls. By default the file name of the source image is used but it's possible to override this file name for SEO purposes.

- Single managed DLL (works both on 32-bit and 64-bit) for easy deployment and no dependencies. No messy Web.config settings. Just drop it in your bin folder and you are ready to go.

- Strongly-typed API for web, no need to learn and memorize messy url querystring parameters, just chain commands with the help of intellisense.

ASP.NET MVC usage example:

@Html.Image("Image1.jpg", task => task.ResizeWidth(300))

ASP.NET WebForms usage example:

<%=Page.ImageHtml("Image1.jpg", task => task.ResizeWidth(300)) %>

General usage examples:

using (var imageTask = new ImageTask(@"C:\Pictures\Picture1.jpg"))


Note: This package contains a fully working version of the product, however without a license key it will run in trial mode. This means after 30 days, the generated images will be watermarked with a red "ImageUltimate" text at the bottom right corner.

The owner has unlisted this package. This could mean that the package is deprecated or shouldn't be used anymore.

To install ImageUltimate: ASP.NET Image Resizer, run the following command in the Package Manager Console

Install-Package ImageUltimate -Version 1.9.4

Release Notes

## Version 1.9.4 - February 13, 2017

- **Fixed:** Setting LicenseKey via code, did not remove trial restrictions if application was not restarted,
  e.g. if the code is changed in .aspx or or .asax markup this would not cause the whole application recompile & restart.
  Setting LicenseKey via appSettings in web.config worked because this already forces application restart.

- **Fixed:** Setting ImageUltimateWebConfiguration.CacheMaxDays to a value 0 or less will not cause error during
  caching a file. Current cache subfolder will be excluded from cache trim operation
  so during caching a file, related files for cache key will not be deleted mistakenly.





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