Synergex.SynergyDE.synrnt 10.3.3030

SynergyDE runtime package for MONO.

There is a newer version of this package available.
See the version list below for details.
Install-Package Synergex.SynergyDE.synrnt -Version 10.3.3030
dotnet add package Synergex.SynergyDE.synrnt --version 10.3.3030
<PackageReference Include="Synergex.SynergyDE.synrnt" Version="10.3.3030" />
For projects that support PackageReference, copy this XML node into the project file to reference the package.
paket add Synergex.SynergyDE.synrnt --version 10.3.3030
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Release Notes

For runtime fixes and enhancements specific to traditional
Synergy, see rel_dbl.txt.  

-- You can now pass a dynamic array of structures through XSUBR
with Synergy .NET. [tr#36807]

-- The Synergy .NET runtime now logs licensing errors to the dbs
event log. Note that "unknown source" will be logged for a
ClickOnce deployment if Synergy is not installed on the target
machine. [tr#36857]

-- When an error occurs in the windowing routines (for example,
W_AREA) and it's called from a method, the error reporting now
unmangles the method name instead of reporting the mangled
method name. We added an optional parameter to the ERRMOD routine
that (when it's non-zero and the error routine is a method)
causes the method name to return unmangled. If the value is 0 or
the parameter is not passed, the mangled name is returned. This
also applies to %DBL$ERRMOD. [tr#34310]

-- Explicit and implicit Select AND optimization now occurs when
ORs are present but not optimized for OR (like the keys used by
the ORs are different or non-keys) or Where.In() on a non-key.
Previously, no optimization occurred even though a key on the AND
side of the tree could be optimized. For AND optimization,
Where.Keynum() is now only required to override OR/In optimization
with AND optimization of the specified key. Also, AND must be on
top of the expression tree with only ANDs present on one side for
AND optimization to occur. (See the entry for tr#36601 in
rel_dbl.) Setting DBG_SELECT now displays an "OR+AND (OR on top) -
optimization cancelled" message when AND is not at the top and
the entire expression cannot be optimized. [tr#36989]

-- The SORT statement has been updated to make better use of
memory. SORT now determines optimal memory usage to avoid
excessive intermediate I/O with an upper ceiling limit of 4 MB
on UNIX and 64 MB on Windows. You can adjust the upper ceiling
by setting the new environment variable SORTMEMMAX=<kilobytes>
(the number of kilobytes that SORT should not exceed). A
significant performance improvement may occur when sorting
large files (with very large and/or many records, including tens
of millions). You must unset the existing SORTMEM environment
variable to enable this feature; if SORTMEM is set, it will
override the optimal memory feature. The Select class, which
uses SORT on large selections using Orderby.Ascending and
Orderby.Descending, will also use this feature, as will remote
SORT over xfServer. [tr#37060]

-- With the 32-bit 10.3.3b Synergy .NET runtime, a Select with a
Where expression that had a comparison against a null string
or "" would not match on a blank. This has been corrected.

-- With the Synergy .NET runtime, SRUN licenses were not freed
when an appdomain was exited. This has been corrected. [tr#36887]

-- A Synergy .NET Windows Service application will no longer hang
when the service is stopped during execution of the .NET
Framework OnStop method. [tr#36889]

-- Examining variables for a Synergy .NET application in Visual
Studio sometimes caused an "Invalid variable" error. This has
been corrected. [tr#36921]

-- In rare cases, an error (e.g., BadDigitException) caused by a
Select statement would be detected by a later statement. This has
been corrected. [tr#37051]

-- In versions 10.3.3 through 10.3.3b of the Synergy .NET
runtime, trapping a generated error in an appdomain would cause
an error in the default appdomain instead of the appdomain that
generated the error. This has been corrected. [tr#37052]

-- In 10.3.3b, a Join using a tag field did not correctly match
against the tag when the joined files were accessed via xfServer.
In addition, using a Sparse object caused xfServer to crash.
These have been fixed. [tr#36924]

-- In 9.5.1 through 10.3.3b, LPQUE with DBLOPT #22 set failed to
spawn dblpq.bat when run under dbr.exe. This has been fixed.

-- On a READ or FIND where no positioning argument was specified
(key specification, POSITION:, ^FIRST, ^LAST, RFA:, etc.), a READ
still occurred and a "Key not same" error was generated. A new,
more appropriate $ERR_INVRD error ("Invalid READ, %s") is now
generated. [tr#32446]


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Version History

Version Downloads Last updated
11.1.1010 157 11/8/2019
11.1.1000 194 10/1/2019
11.0.4001-beta1 47 8/30/2019
10.3.3072 695 3/1/2019
10.3.3071 148 2/13/2019
10.3.3060 292 9/22/2018
10.3.3050 446 3/9/2018
10.3.3040 283 10/23/2017
10.3.3030 451 5/9/2017
10.3.3021 429 3/7/2017
10.3.3020 576 12/9/2016
10.3.3010 579 7/19/2016
10.3.3000 496 5/23/2016
10.3.2001-beta17 364 3/23/2016
10.3.1021 607 12/1/2015
10.3.1020 735 8/12/2015
10.3.1011 531 5/7/2015
10.3.1002 593 4/6/2015
10.3.1001 583 3/4/2015
10.3.1001-beta19 456 3/4/2015
10.3.1000 576 11/21/2014
10.2.5001-beta2 412 10/6/2014
10.2.5001-beta1 430 9/19/2014
10.2.5000 466 9/19/2014
10.2.3091-beta6 416 9/12/2014
10.2.3091-beta5 419 9/11/2014
10.2.3091-beta4 374 9/11/2014
10.2.3091-beta2 421 8/21/2014
10.2.3091-beta1 434 8/21/2014
10.2.3090-beta1 344 8/14/2014
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