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Wintellect's Azure Storage Library
The library includes many classes that simplify working with Azure Blobs, Tables, and Queues in a high-performance and efficient manner. The library includes methods to peridically elect a PC to perform some task, perform high-speed bacth logging, append data to a blob, backup a table to a blob (and... More information
Windows Azure Storage Tables Extension for Windows Runtime
This table extension library provides support for strong entity types (POCOs), generic queries, reflection based serialization and the EntityResolver for languages other than JavaScript when developing Windows Store Apps. For this release see notes -... More information
Azure Storage
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Simple package to use azure storage Source code and example : On Github https://github.com/michelcedric/AzureStorage
You can perform almost any permissible operation: add, remove, update, delete and other. Most of them can be executed parallel and by batches with implementing of caching strategy. Also when you want to get data, one can specify enough complicated condition in Entity Framework .Where style.
Custom NLog Target for sending log messages straight to an Azure Storage Endpoint in real-time. Note that Append Blobs are the only supported storage endpoints at this time.
Azure Storage Slazure
Slazure is a ORM/ODM type data mapper for schema-free NoSQL databases. Slazure automatically maps data entities between your code and the database data model. This package enables Slazure to work with the Microsoft Azure Table Storage.
Windows Azure Storage
This library is based on the official Azure Storage library (https://github.com/Azure/azure-storage-net) with Azure Table functionality removed in order to get rid of OData and System.Spatial dependencies to allow it to build on Linux