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  • LocalDb Local Db Sql
A small wrapper for LocalDb - using command line stuff. Can be used for creating and maintaining LocalDb instances. Super light and really simple - just a nice wrapper...
Magicodes.Storage.Core为湖南心莱信息科技有限公司封装的存储通用库,以便扩展支持本地存储、Azure存储等,支持.NET Core。其中,Magicodes.Storage.Local.Core为本地存储。\n官方网址:http://xin-lai.com \n开源库地址:https://github.com/xin-lai \n博客地址:http://www.cnblogs.com/codelove/ \n交流QQ群(.NET 技术交流群):85318032 \n小店地址:https://shop113059108.taobao.com/
JSON ORM is an open source very lightweight framework developed on top of json.net. The Idea is to make json more quickly and easily implementable manage local storage as json.
Simple javascript storage wrapper. Can either be used directly which places a 'storage' object into the global, or defines itself using AMD