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A fully featured C# library for making and receiving payments using the Bitcoin network.
Unofficial community backed Mobius API client for .NET Core 2.0. Stongly typed and async, provides ease of access to the Mobius API for .NET developers.
API Client library that helps you get up and running and consuming Paynovas restful API. Offers a simple client that handles the HTTP communication with Paynova. It also offers typed requests and responses to assist you in discovering the Paynova API, validating digests etc.
The PayFac Merchant Provisioner SDK is a C# implementation of the Worldpay PayFac Merchant Provisioner API. This SDK was created to make it as easy as possible to perform operations that allows you to create and update Legal Entities and Sub-merchants, as well as retrieve information about existing... More information
The easiest way to integrate your .net application with Pinch Payments. Create payers, add payments, receive webhooks, fetch payments, get paid. Really all the good stuff. It's for bank accounts if you didn't already know. I'll assume you did if you got this far, if not, Welcome! but you should... More information