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This Package Contain Useful Library And Method For Easy Develop High Tech .Net Core Application. ForExample : Implementation Of MSM Queue, Rabbit MQueue, ...
A message consumer job implementation for RabbitMQ with built-in Json serialization of messages - ConsumeMessageAsync - ConsumeMessageAsync<T> q: info@tnxconsulting.com http://www.antonioesposito.it/2018/01/19/consuming-queued-messages-with-rabbitmq-and-the-tnx-applicationjobs-lib-in-a-nutshell/
Wraps RabbitMQ.Client in order to make very easy to work with RabbitMQ hiding to the user all the technical aspects, like connections and channels management and providing a clear interface (IAMQPManager) designed to abstract the RabbitMq implementation of the AMQP protocol. Implements RPC... More information