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  • may option type maybe
Implements an option type (Strilanc.Value.May<T>) that encourages usage based on pattern matching rather than ForceGetValue. Also includes utility methods for producing, consuming and transforming May<T>. Note on null: May<T> treats null like any other value. May.NoValue is distinct from null, and... More information
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  • type alias
Library that makes the unique alias of types in .NET.
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  • type alias
Library that makes the unique alias of types in .NET.
Model manipulation library. It provides utility functions for: (1) Converting objects of any type, dictionaries, data readers and anonymous to expando object; (2) Slicing objects by specifying either a list of properties to keep or to exclude; (3) Converting from any type to any type based on... More information
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  • Option type
Add an Option type like F#'s Option to create a non-nullable reference type.
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  • type switch
TypeSwitch makes it easier to use a switch like statement on a Type.
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  • Type Net40
Rrs.Types Class Library