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The ultimate .NET command line parser - PowerArgs converts command line arguments into .NET objects that are easy to program against. It also provides a ton of additional, optional capabilities that you can try such as argument validation, auto generated usage documentation, tab completion, Entity... More information
Argument parser
A simple utility to help you parsing string array arguments into objects. With this class you can save the time spent on validations created for console applications. The arguments are bound to class properties, the binding is done using attributes over the properties, those attributes let you... More information
CodeGuard (Source)
Guard and Validator library. Example: Guard.That(arg1).IsNotNull().GreaterThan(100); Throws an exception if conditions are not met. Supports the ability to get a list of the failed conditions.
Utility package for common used functionalities, currently consiting only of VB.NET like event-raising and an elgegant way of validating arguments and raising appropriate Argument*Exceptions If you want additional code-snippets, stick with Blue.Utils instead Send feedback,... More information
.NET Core 2.0 & Standard 2.0 port of A simple guard clause project helping you with validation and uniformed exception throwing when validating arguments.
Yet Another Command-Line Option Parser
A .NET library for parsing command line options with subcommands (like git or svn).
Extendable Command Line Handler
An easy to use and flexible command line argument handler, which helps to keep the inner structure of your console application clean. If you´ve struggled with other solutions caused by lack of support for dependency injection or expandability in general, this project is for you. The project is... More information