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A simple CouchDB client for .NET
DreamSeat is a CouchDB client for the .NET plateform. The library is based on Mindtouch Dream to allow synchronous and asynchroous calls
This package replaces other ReactiveCloudant packages with support for .net core. Use this package to connect to Cloudant CouchDB instances from .NET
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CouchDb Client for DNX runtime
Davenport is a CouchDB client for simplifying common tasks like get, list, create, update and delete. This package wraps the original C# package, making it much more friendly to the functional programming style of F#.
CouchDBClient is a framework for working with CouchDB from .NET code. It abstracts and simplifies the usage of CouchDB, so that you can easily use it from your application code. All the complexity of working with plain json and http request/responses is burried under the framework. You will be able... More information