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  • mono pdb mdb debug
The CSC compiler can produce a pdb file with debug symbols. However, the Mono gmcs compiler produces a separate mdb file containing such sybmols for use on Mono. Use this utility to create an mdb file from an original assembly and pdb file. This allows Mono to generate... More information
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  • Latest version: 0.3.15
  • debug owin f#
Exira.VersionHeader.Owin is an OWIN middleware to add assembly version information to HTTP headers
AspNetInfo helps ASP.NET developers identify server compatibility and configuration settings. AspNetInfo will test connection strings, SMTP, and other settings. In addition it provides a quick glance at application, session, and server variables.
A script pack for ScriptCS that brings in the ClrMD API and additional functionality around it for fast, powerful and flexible analysis of .NET applications.
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  • Latest version: 2.4.3
  • neo vm debug
Helps Windows Service debugging by creating a Play/Stop/Pause UI when running with a debugger attached, but also allows the service to be installed and run by the Windows Services environment as well. All this with one line of code!
Provides an object renderer to integrate with log4net to dump exceptions (or any/all object types) using the ObjectPrinter. Also provides a log4net type inspector to prevent prevent dumping log4net objects that should be converted to strings.