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Syncfusion Progress Bar for Xamarin.iOS
The Syncfusion progress bar component for Xamarin.iOS provides a customizable visual that indicates the progress of a task. Key features: • Visualize progress in different shapes, such as rectangle and circle. • Customize ranges with different colors in the linear progress bar. • Customize the... More information
Syncfusion Pull to Refresh for Xamarin.iOS
Syncfusion PullToRefresh for Xamarin.iOS es-- is an interactive panel that refreshes the view loaded in it upon pull-to-refresh action. Key features:  • Transition types: Choose between slide on top and push built-in animation transitions for the pull-able content and the refresh indicator when... More information
Syncfusion Advanced Custom Picker Control Xamarin.iOS
The Syncfusion Picker for Xamarin.iOS allows users to pick an item from a list of items that can be customized using a template or custom view. This control can also be used as a dialog Key features: • Show picker in dialog • Selection • Header customization • Footer customization • Item... More information
Syncfusion Rating for Xamarin.iOS
The Syncfusion Rating for Xamarin.iOS provides the number of stars that represents rating. This control is used to configure the item size, item spacing and the number of displayed items. This can be used in various scenarios like movie rating, rating an application, and more. Key features: •... More information
Syncfusion Autocomplete control for Xamarin.iOS
The Syncfusion Auto Complete for Xamarin.iOS provides a simple way to complete the text based on the characters entered previously. It also provides an option to choose a suggestion from the drop down or append a suggestion to the text directly. Key features: • Auto complete modes: Three different... More information
Syncfusion Masked Entry Control for Xamarin.iOS
Syncfusion MaskedEdit for Xamarin.iOS restricts input of certain types of characters, text, and numbers using mask characters or regex. This control is used to create a template for providing information such as telephone numbers, IP addresses, product IDs, and so on. Key features: • Input can be... More information
Syncfusion Rotator for Xamarin.iOS
The Syncfusion Rotator for Xamarin.iOS is a data control used to display image data and navigate through them. The images can be selected either by thumbnail or dots support. Key features: • Modes: Navigate using dots or thumbnail navigation modes. • Position: Position the placement of dots or... More information
Syncfusion Navigation Drawer for Xamarin.iOS
The Syncfusion Navigation Drawer for Xamarin.iOS is a simple component to create navigation pane in applications. It has a content area and a sliding pane that slides out from the edge of the page. The pane can be opened by swiping the edges of the screen or programmatically. Key features: • Pane... More information
Syncfusion Tabbed View for Xamarin.iOS
The Syncfusion Tabs for Xamarin.iOS provides a simple and intuitive interface for tab navigation in mobile applications, to explore and switch to different views. Key features: • Tab header type with text, icons, and text and icons. • Scrollable content and header. • Top and bottom placements of... More information
Syncfusion Radial Menu for Xamarin.iOS
The Syncfusion Radial Menu for Xamarin.iOS displays a hierarchical menu in a circular layout that is optimized for touch enabled devices. Typically, it is used as a context menu, and can expose more menu items in the same space than traditional menus. Key features: • Drag • Rotation • Data... More information
Syncfusion Scheduler for Xamarin.iOS
Syncfusion Schedule for Xamarin.iOS is used to schedule and manage appointments through an intuitive user interface to efficiently plan and manage events or appointments.  Key features: • Supports four different types of view modes: day, workweek, week, and month views. • Binds business... More information