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IWebHostBuilder fluent configuration extensions to integrate KeyVault, Azure App Configuration Service with ease to your ASP.NET Core Kestrel Webserver to save secrets and configuration outside appconfig and to integrate SSL certificates and install private CA certificates for secure, trusted... More information
Rebuilt using netcoreapp3.1. Azure Sign Tool is similar to signtool in the Windows SDK, with the major difference being that it uses Azure Key Vault for performing the signing process. The usage is like signtool, except with a limited set of options for signing and options for authenticating to... More information
Create cross-platform .NET app settings and configuration for Windows, .NET Core, Xamarin.Mac, Xamarin.iOS or Xamarin.Android. Save settings locally or to the cloud in native format. Configure your app by using Microsoft.Extensions.Configuration library. Save settings to the cloud and sync between... More information