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Nido Framework is developed on top of MS .NET entity framework, and also heavily influenced by the code first technique. The framework provides a standard method of coding your business logic layer as well as data access layer. That allows you to have much predictable, standard, and best performing... More information
Cross-platform .NET 4.0 / .NET Standard 1.6 component which receives SQL Server table changes into your .net code. Take a look how it works: http://sbl.azurewebsites.net
XDatabase is an easy to use unified library to interact with different databases such as SQLite, MySQL, MSSQL, MSAccess. In addition, it contains a set of methods to simplify the data selection and working with binary data.
Spire.DataExport for .NET is a data export library which enables developers to quickly export data from from database, listview and command to word, excel, PDF, html, xml, ms access, csv, text, dbf, sql script, sylk, ms clipboard. When it is applied on .NET platform, it does not need to install any... More information
命令模式开发管理类库,简化命令模式的开发。 开发者继承ICommand,并实现Execute方法,在SurfCommand管理器中添加命令,使用Run、LoopRun方法执行命令接收,当收到有效命令时执行相关动作。
.Net Standard version of BDataBase Multi database interface, Ms-Sql, MySql, PostgreSQL and Sqlite, part of my personal developer toolbox. *Oracle not supported in this version.