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TupleSplatter - Use tuple items as method parameters
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  • last updated 8/11/2018
  • Latest version: 1.0.0
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Deconstructs/splats tuple items into method parameter arguments
Contain extensions for: parameter guard check | base64, base64url and hex string transformation from string to byte array and vice versa | extension to convert any collection into a string representation | Crypto random helpers | SystemTime to make it easier to write unit test involving system... More information
Pass multiple arguments that can be complex objects to another program while executing that program from an executable file. After that, main program can communicate with another program that was executed.
*NOTE* This package is obsolete. Please use Nukepayload2.ConsoleFramework instead. A command-line parameter mapping library. Chinese documents only. No English version yet.
A command-line parameter mapping library.
A command-line parameter mapping library. It maps command-line parameters to parameters of the entry method in a custom application class. Supported parameter types: String, Int32, Int64, Double, Single and Boolean. Supported parameter kinds: Direct, Entity (Put all parameters in a... More information