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XNInterface Content Pipeline Extension
This is the Content Pipeline Extension required to build XNInterface content files. Visit https://github.com/quandtm/XNInterface for further information.
Chakad is a Library for use with the Clean and CQRS architectural styles for .NET. The Command Dispatcher pattern is an addition to the Command design pattern that decouples the dispatcher for a service from its execution. A Command Dispatcher component maps commands to handlers. A Command Processor... More information
Pipeline BDD Framework
BDD Framework to create complex scenarios and keep those scenarios maintainable and readable
Pipeline Style Programming in C#. Inspired by F#.
Pipeline Style programming brings a more functional programming style of coding to C#. Inspired by F# pipelining and C# LINQ method syntax, this tiny set of extension functions, add more functional programming features to C#.
Pipeline Core
Pipeline is an abstraction of the sequenced network nodes. It is the basic structure of neural networks and can be used for any sequenced operations.
Data Pipeline
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  • last updated 7/24/2014
  • Latest version: 0.1.0
  • Data Pipeline ETL
Pull Data from file, web, sql => do some process => storage, Developer can easy to extend the framework by define own nodes in the pipeline.