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  • Socket Tcp Messaging
Event-driven wrappers around System.Net.Sockets.Socket, that support different message protocols ontop of raw communication.
Alchemy Websockets
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  • WebSockets html5 TCP
An extremely efficient WebSocket server library.
Rebex Networking (Hotfix Build 6741)
Rebex.Networking provides TLS/SSL, SSH and proxy support to Rebex components. This is a paid commercial product with a free 30-day trial: - Trial mode: Start your free 30-day trial by generating your trial key at https://rebex.net/support/trial-key.aspx - Licensed mode: Purchase the product at... More information
NModbus is a C# implementation of the Modbus protocol. Provides connectivity to Modbus slave compatible devices and applications. Supports TCP, and UDP protocols.
==CSharpTest.Net.RpcLibrary== Simply one of the fastest and most robust inter-process communcations available on the Windows platform. WinRPC is the building block of DCOM and probably the most used remote proceedure call in Windows. In plain words it is the fastest, most stable, secure transport... More information
AltarNet3 - TCP/UDP/FTP Library
AltarNet3 (or AN3 for short) is a library that facilitate the creation of TCP servers/clients, along with UDP. TCP connections can be secured via SSL, with only a few easy steps. It comes with a powerful FTP manager, taking advantage of .NET 4.5's new asynchronous pattern (Async/Await), featuring... More information
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  • Server Tcp
Make server application fluently
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  • Latest version: 1.0.40
  • Server Tcp
Make server application fluently
CrossChannel is a framework for simple peer-to-peer (P2P) and inter-process communication (IPC).
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  • RPC TCP Socket
AutoCSer is a high-performance RPC framework. AutoCSer 是一个以高效率为目标向导的整体开发框架。主要包括 TCP / RPC 接口服务框架、TCP / RPC 函数服务框架、前后端一体 WEB 视图框架、ORM 内存索引缓存框架、二进制 / JSON / XML 数据序列化 等一系列无缝集成的高性能组件。
Network Library
Network library supporting: TCP, UDP, Bluetooth events and objects. Fast and simple, with only 48bit overhead per packet. Send and receive packets with async operations. - .NET 4.5 - .NET Standard 2.0 (No Bluetooth support) Examples at: https://www.indie-dev.at/?page_id=1180 Documentation... More information
Fracture is an F# based socket implementation for high-speed, high-throughput applications. It is built on top of SocketAsyncEventArgs, which minimises the memory fragmentation common in the IAsyncResult pattern.