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  • velox db sqlite
Velox.DB data provider for Sqlite, supporting .NET 4.5 (Windows), iOS (Xamarin), Android (Xamarin) and Windows Store Apps for Windows Phone 8.1 + Windows 8.1. To use this driver with Windows Store apps, you need to install the Sqlite extension in Visual Studio
Database migrations for .NET. Supported DBMS: MySQL 5.0 and later, Oracle 10g or later, SQLite 3 and later, MS SQL Server 2005 and later, MS SQL Server Ce 4, SQL Azure, PostgreSQL, Firebird 2.5 and later.
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  • Database Db Sql
Simple and Lightweight Database Executor for .NET 4 Client Profile and all ADO.NET DbProviders. Features: set command parameter by AnonymousType, auto type mapping, dynamic IDataRecord accessor,transaction, basic Select/Insert/Delete/Update query build.
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  • LocalDb Local Db Sql
A small wrapper for LocalDb - using command line stuff. Can be used for creating and maintaining LocalDb instances. Super light and really simple - just a nice wrapper...