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Azure Site Extension to integrate applications in Azure App Service with Dynatrace monitoring. Analyze browser timings, database statements, and method-level performance. See https://help.dynatrace.com/infrastructure-monitoring/paas/how-do-i-monitor-microsoft-azure-web-apps/ for information on setup... More information
ORM Profiler lets you gain insight in what your data-access code, e.g. your Entity Framework using code, is doing, find performance problems and quickly learn how to fix them. SD.Tools.OrmProfiler.Interceptor.NET45 is the interceptor package for regular ORMs and ADO.NET using data-access logic,... More information
MiniProfiler extensions allows save Profiler results into log by log4Net All what you need is: var logger = LogManager.GetLogger("Logger"); //Init Log4Net Logger MiniProfilerLog.SetUpLog4Net(logger); //Set up profiler with logger and use Profiler as usual (see MiniProfiler site
SisoDb is a schemaless document-oriented provider for SQL-Server. Using JSON and key-value storage, it lets you persist object graphs without specifying any mappings or extending any base classes interfaces etc. It lets you perform queries against SQL-server, using lambda expressions. It syncs... More information