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A quick consistent way of zipping and unzipping between linx-x64/win-x64/osx-x64 :)
Rebex ZIP is a ZIP, UnZIP, DEFLATE, zlib and GZIP compression library with multi-core compression support. This is a paid commercial product with a free 30-day trial: - Trial mode: Start your free 30-day trial by generating your trial key at https://rebex.net/support/trial-key.aspx - Licensed... More information
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Just by installing this package, a zip archive file (.zip) that contains the output files will be created in the output folder when building the project (at default configuration, it works only "Release" build). The zip arhive file name contains assembly version text.
ASP.NET WEB程序的优化功能,可以优化js/css文件。而且可以对原文件名进行加密。当你发布后,访问资源将自动压缩混淆代码。再次访问将从缓存中读取。 使用方法:Web.config中:<add namespace="ExfSoft.Web.Optimization"/>; 网页中: @Scripts.Render("~/packages/jquery") @Scripts.Build("~/Scripts/abc-{version}.js") @Scripts.Build("~/Scripts/test1.js", new { attr = "value"... More information
This package provides a mechanism to create or extract ZIP files for operating systems other than that on which you run this code. Specifically, handling path sepatator characters in the zip central directory and setting of attributes for achives targeting Unix-like O/S. Solves problems such as an... More information
Adds zip scheme/file support to Platform.VirtualFileSystem. Platform.VirtualFileSystem is a powerful .NET library that provides a uniform and cross-platform abstraction layer for file systems. It is similar to VFS features of various operating systems like Linux except it all runs in... More information
Neodynamic ThermalLabel SDK for .NET is a .NET Standard library (DLL) that lets you to design barcode labels and print them to Zebra (ZPL or EPL), EPSON (ESC/POS) &amp; Honeywell-Intermec Fingerprint printers by writing just pure .NET code in VB or C#. ThermalLabel SDK can be used for designing and... More information