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SignalR scalability using SignalR as backplane. This is the central hub, used by the Dede.SignalR.Backplane package
Microsoft ASP.NET SignalR .NET Client (Portable Class Library version)
.NET client for ASP.NET SignalR (Portable Class Library version). Very neutral dependencies. Multiple targets: .NET 4 or upper, Silverlight 4 or upper, Windows Phone 7.5 or upper, Windows Store apps (Windows 8 or upper). Based on SignalR-2.0.1.
.NET 3.5 client for SignalR
A back-port of the SignalR client to .NET 3.5. It relies on the TPL nuget package and some simple shims to bridge the framework gap. Use version 1.1.4 for the SignalR v1.x server. Built from 2.0.0