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Stanford NER (also known as CRFClassifier) is a Java implementation of a Named Entity Recognizer. Named Entity Recognition (NER) labels sequences of words in a text which are the names of things, such as person and company names, or gene and protein names. The software provides a general (arbitrary... More information
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CRF++ CLR version (x86/x64)
Botsharp.NLP is a set of tools for building C# programs to work with human language data. It can be used in common tasks like POS, NER and text classification in the NLP or NLU field. BotSharp.NLP has implemented below machine learning algorithms: Conditional Random Field (CRF) Support Vector... More information
Contains probability distributions, statistical models and methods such as Linear and Logistic regression, Hidden Markov Models, (Hidden) Conditional Random Fields, Principal Component Analysis, Partial Least Squares, Discriminant Analysis, Kernel methods and functions and many other related... More information