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Makes FakeItEasy Dummies useful by wiring-them-up to real-looking, random test data. Leverages the power of AutoFixture to create anonymous variables. Fixes some of AutoFixture's poor default behaviors. Makes unit tests more expressive with less lines of code.
Create dummy text or names reminding real ones. This library works by analyzing real texts , and can be used to geneate texts in various languages (or, rather, code pages - it does not generate real words).
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  • last updated 4/23/2015
  • Latest version: 1.0.5591.41688
  • Dummy
Dummy class library project for testing purposes.
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  • last updated 6/22/2013
  • Latest version: 2010.3.3.20130622
  • dummy smtp papercut
Papercut - built on .NET. Ever need to test emails from an application, but don't necessarily want it sending them out? Don't want to hassle with pointing it to a physical SMTP server? All you want to is verify it can send email, and take a look at the message. Papercut is your answer. Papercut... More information