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This package installs MSBuild support for HLSL compilation in C# and VB projects. Get started Please reload your project or restart Visual Studio for the new shader Build Actions to appear in the properties window. Known Issues After you change the Build Action to one of the shader types, you... More information
Provides Media Extensions applying image effects from the Lumia Imaging SDK, Win2D, and DirectX HLSL pixel shaders to videos via MediaTranscoder, MediaComposition, MediaCapture, or MediaElement. Enables overlays, effect animations, cropping, creating square videos, and video analysis (ZXing.Net... More information
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Generate multiple shader variants / permutations from HLSL.
If you want to add a nice bloom-effect to your game, this library will help you. It's a portable library, so it will work with all MG flavors and it is pretty simple to use. Just create a BloomEffectRenderer in your game, hook it up (Initialize and UnloadContent) and tell it to render the effect... More information