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  • intel hex memory
A .NET library to parse an Intel HEX file and emit a representative memory representation.
SharpDisam is a disassembler written in C# able to decode the x86 and x86-64 instruction set architectures. It features: * a full C# port of the libudis86 C library * a set of simple C# classes wrapping the udis86 API * support for x86 16-bit, 32-bit and 64-bit instruction set architectures *... More information
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  • intel hex stream
A .Net library to read and write Intel HEX files. Supports the following Intel HEX records: 00 Data 01 End Of File 02 Extended Segment Address 04 Extended Linear Address 05 Start Linear Address
C# wrapper for the cross-platform camera capture for Intel® RealSenseā„¢ F200, R200, SR300 and LR200. See the original project on https://github.com/IntelRealSense/librealsense
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C# wrapper for Intel performance library (IPP, MKL)
.NET Bindings for the Intel Movidius NCAPIv2 https://github.com/movidius/ncsdk/tree/ncsdk2. As the movidius only works on linux at this time, these bindings will of course only work on Linux