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Metadata based serializer for World of Warcraft packets. Design inspired from Blizzard's JAM and Marc Gravell's Protobuf-Net. Uses attributes to annotate DTOs that are made serializable according to the Blizzard JAM packet protocol. Can be extended for use outside of World of Warcraft too!
Provides Win32 API methods and common components shared by ShellBrowser.NET and ShellBrowser.WPF components. This is the trial of a commercial product. To acquire a full license please visit https://www.jam-software.com/shellbrowser_net. For help and support, visit... More information
ShellBrowser.NET contains a set of explorer-like controls for .NET Winforms projects: ShellTreeView, ShellListView, ExplorerBrowser, ShellAddressBar, ShellFilePreview. See https://www.jam-software.com/shellbrowser_net/components.shtml for a complete list. For help and support, visit... More information
Contains a set of explorer-like controls for WPF, e.g. ShellTreeView, ShellListView, ExplorerBrowser, ShellAddressBar, ShellFilePreview, ShellContextMenu, BrowseForFolder dialog, ShellChangeNotifier. See https://www.jam-software.com/shellbrowser_wpf/components.shtml for a complete list. This is the... More information