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An ASP.NET Core library for generating and validating one time passwords for google authenticator. It seems that dotnet pack has a problem to pack own project. This Package needs AspNetCore.Totp. This is a workaround to not merge my project into one. If you find way of doing it correctly, let me... More information
Fetch a Tesla bearer token for usage with the Tesla API. Requires using a WebView or similar integrated browser to show the Tesla login UI.
Enables multi-factor authentication (MFA) for .NET Framework applications. Supported authentication methods: WebAuthn/U2F Security Keys, Mobile Push, Mobile Passcodes (TOTP), SMS Passcodes, Email Links.
Two factor authentication module for Orchard Core CMS. With two factor authentication (also known as 2-Step Verification ) add an extra layer of security to your orchard core and protect user accounts in event when password is compromised. Supports - Google Authenticator App - Microsoft... More information