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The GMP Native Interface for .NET Library exposes to .NET (through P-Invoke and .NET types) all of the functionality of the GNU MP Library (version 6.1.2). It automatically loads at runtime the 32-bit or 64-bit GNU MP library that matches the current CPU architecture, thus allowing building Visual... More information
新增功能: 1.增加获取微信收货地址功能,SelectAddress(),调用后,通过$.fn.wxPay.SelectedAddr直接返回选择的完整地址。 2.组件增加签名功能,详情访问项目网站(https://github.com/szoliver/wxpay) wxPay功能特色 1.本质上是经验积累,跳过那些坑,可以快速完成微信支付开发(H5公众号) 2.js快速调用 $("a.pay").wxpay(...),前端这一行代码即可完成微信支付功能,引入wxpay.js(Jquery插件)即可。 上行代码中a.pay为点击支付的按钮Jq选择器 3.后台处理简便... More information
An alternative command implementation for the "AlternateLife.RageMP.Net" library. This library automates type parsing for you and allows you to have various parameters for your commands. With the command system used by "AlternateLife.RageMP.Net" you have to use following parameters for your... More information