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PersianCalendarPlus is a simple wrapper around System.Globalization.PersianCalendar providing extra functionality such as different kind of date string in Persian and the ability to convert between them.
This dll contains a class named PersianDateTime which persian developers can use instead of System.DateTime structure. This class also contains most of the methods and properties of the conventional DateTime structure such as DateTime.Now and DateTime.TimeOfDay.
You can use PersianDateTime like DateTime and easily parse varient persian datetime string and convert them to PersianDateTime. For more information and samples see the project page.
ساختار تاریخ شمسی با متد های تبدیل به تاریخ میلادی و یا هجری متدهای مختلف برای بدست آوردن رشته های مختلف تاریخ شمسی با فرمت های متفاوت و اعداد فارسی پشتیبانی از سال کبیسه شبیه سازی کامل ساختار DateTime
This is a simple class inspired by the class written by Kelsey on StackOverflow (http://stackoverflow.com/a/3682673/27946) that returns a relative date similar to what you can see for example on Twitter. I just added a resource file and localized it for Persian language; no more!