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Statistical Functions
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A Static class that contains these functions: -StandardDeviation -CV -CVPercentage -Avarage -TrimmedAverage -Median -CalculatePercentage -Plus2StandardDeviation -Minus2StandardDeviation -Plus3StandardDeviation... More information
.NETCore fork of R.NET with support of R version 3.5.0 and later (tested with 3.5.2) A .NET interoperability library to access the R statistical language runtime from .NET languages. The library is designed for fast data exchange, in process.
Supported Platforms: • NETStandard • NETFramework Includes more than 200 image processing functions, including blank page detection, scanned document image clean up, medical image enhancement, color correction, noise reduction, edge detection, text and MICR detection, and so much more. Most... More information