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Include Surface and Volume Calculation for 12 kinds geometric. 1.Annulus 2.Block 3.Cylinder 4.SegmentOfCylinder 5.Sphere 6.SphericalCap 7.Torus 8.TrapezoidalPrizm 9.TriangularPrism 10.TruncatedCone 11.TruncatedPyramid 12.EllipticalColumn
ChartDirector is a charting library with extensive chart types, real-time charts, track cursors, hot spots, large data sets, zoom/scroll and viewports. ChartDirector supports both .NET Framework and .NET Core, and can be used for both web (ASP.NET) and desktop (Windows Forms/WPF) applications.
Modern, interactive, technical and scientific plots and visualizations in 2D and 3D. This module is part of the ILNumerics Visualization Engine for creation of fast and interactive 2D/3D visualizatios on .NET. Free trial licenses are available here: https://ilnumerics.net/download.html.