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Include Surface and Volume Calculation for 12 kinds geometric. 1.Annulus 2.Block 3.Cylinder 4.SegmentOfCylinder 5.Sphere 6.SphericalCap 7.Torus 8.TrapezoidalPrizm 9.TriangularPrism 10.TruncatedCone 11.TruncatedPyramid 12.EllipticalColumn
Modern, interactive, technical and scientific plots and visualizations in 2D and 3D. This module is part of the ILNumerics Visualization Engine for creation of fast and interactive 2D/3D visualizatios on .NET. Free trial licenses are available here: https://ilnumerics.net/download.html.
ChartDirector is a charting library with extensive chart types, real-time charts, track cursors, hot spots, large data sets, zoom/scroll and viewports. ChartDirector supports both .NET Framework and .NET Core, and can be used for both web (ASP.NET) and desktop (Windows Forms/WPF) applications.
Use of this component requires that you download the full "3D Control Magic for .NET" package from their website: https://www.multimediasoft.com/bins/3dcm_t.exe The full downloaded package comes with extensive documentation. 3D Control Magic for .NET is the ultimate 3D control component developed... More information