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Verifalia provides a simple HTTPS-based API for validating email addresses and checking whether they are deliverable or not. This library allows to easily integrate with Verifalia and validate email addresses in real-time.
Email Validation Library for .NET. Verifies thousands of emails with multiple threads. Features: Mailbox Check, RFC 821 Syntax Check, Top Level Domain Check, Fake Email Pattern Matching, Disposable Email Detection, Free Email Detection, Grey Listing Detection, Black Listing Detection, Curse Word... More information
NeverBounce is a realtime email verification service. Our verification API allows you to create Custom Integrations to add email verification to any part of your software. We offer solutions for verifying individual emails as well as lists containing hundreds or even millions of emails. This SDK... More information
Version 3 client library package for email verification service powered by emailhippo.com. This package contains client service for real time email verification services. Find out more about enterprise grade email address validation and get a free trial license key at https://www.emailhippo.com
Client library package for consuming API services for email verification services powered by emailhippo.com. This package contains both synchronous and parallel processing(async) methods. Async (parallel processing) capabilities are designed for high performance / high throughput applications. Find... More information