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  • Tungsten W C# library
Tungsten is a C# library of classes which make application development easier.
Tungsten.Property is a class which implements IPropertyChangedNotifier. PropertySlim is a lightweight version of Property and can be used in simpler scenarios (where ownership isn't necessary)
Tungsten.As provides extension methods for quick conversions (As<T>, AsBase64, AsBytes, AsCompressed, AsString).
STSdb is an open-source, client/server and embedded NoSQL database and virtual file system in one. It is built up from scratch without using any third party components. Data is stored in a very flexible key-value format where the key consists of the combination of sub-keys and an associated value.... More information
Named pipe wrappers to simplify named-pipe use in your application. PipeClient for clients and PipeServer for single-instance servers. As pipes must have a server for each connected client, PipeHost will host multple PipeServers with the same pipe name.