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Gett.NET - A library for Ge.tt Web Services
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A lightweight framework enabling the creation of REST services within ASP.NET MVC 3
Want to send Transactional Email (i.e. notification email)? Use AlphMail! Just sign up for an account at http://amail.io/ (it's free) and start sending after 5 minutes! What's great about AlphaMail is that you store your templates in our cloud, instead of bloating your code. So it's dead-easy to... More information
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A tiny set of classes (in C#) that provide methods for JSON web service invocation and dynamically typing the JSON result for the GTD programmer.
Nonocast.Http is a free, open source developer focused web service via http for small and medium software.
ThinkGeo UI Blazor works with .NET Core 3.0. This package allows you to add maps and perform GIS spatial operations within your Blazor application. It provides classes to work with most GIS data formats, display popups, allow spatial drawing, manage projections, perform spatial operation and much... More information