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ActivateAnything — abstract types, concrete types, constructor dependencies — ActivateAnything just resolves it all and gives you a result.
An `AnythingActivator` will make an extreme effort to find and instantiate a concrete class which is assignable to a `Type`, whether or not the Type is concrete, whether or not the Type has constructor dependencies, whether or not a suitable concrete subtype is found in any currently loaded... More information
FixtureBase cuts the cost of unit testing. Intelligent, rule-driven, autofaking fixtures get you straight to your test with all your dependencies setup and ready to go.
Don't spend hours writing code to mock a dozen dependencies, and more hours debugging it. Just write your test code, and let FixtureBase create the dependencies for you. FixtureBase constructs your UnitUnderTest to test your codebase end-to-end, with external dependencies auto-faked and... More information